Project Vsurprise




No more piracy, only sharing

The aim of the project is to greatly reduce "piracy" while ensuring a free, libre and legal way for every single human being to access to, participate in, and share the sum of all human culture, knowledge and information.

Representation of the intellectual property war. This image is a derivation of a previous work by Christopher Dombres entitled THE BATTLE OF COPYRIGHT
Work derived from THE BATTLE OF COPYRIGHT by Christopher Dombres

The book, as book, belong to the author, but as thought, it is - the word is not too large - the human race. All minds are entitled. If one of the two rights, the right of the writer and the right of the human spirit, had to be sacrificed, this would certainly be the right of the writer, because the public interest is our single concern, and all, I declare, must pass before us.

Victor Hugo (1878) in Discours d’ouverture du Congrès littéraire international